My life is forever better thanks to Dr. Rehl. I have lived with my old injuries and some areas are getting worse. My back gave way after lifting heavy objects and I had to lie down flat on my back two days before I could move again. After his treatment sessions, I no longer have to do that. My left foot refused to straighten in last 3 years; after his treatment, it acts like the right foot. You may feel some pain after these procedures, but it is absolutely amazing! I got my freedom back and am eternally grateful to Dr. Rehl. It is mind boggling that he can turn the clock back! Thank you so much, Dr. Rehl!
Yuko C

Dr. Peter is without a doubt the best chiropractor that I have ever been treated by. Over the past 12 years I have been treated by many different chiropractors and Dr. Peter is not only extremely knowledgeable but truly cares about you as a person. Book an appointment with Dr. Peter and you’ll be in great hands.
Lee M

I was very apprehensive to go to a Chiropractor after a previous experience with another Chiropractor. I have been seeing Dr. Peter Rehl for nearly a year, due to my type of work it caused painful back, neck and sciatica issues that I dealt with for a year. My first visit he methodically reviewed my case and came up with a treatment plan. After a few adjustments and exercises he showed me I could see an immediate improvement. He listens and understands all your concerns. He is genuinely concerned about your health and helps you to understand how Chiropractic Therapy helps your body. I cannot express how appreciative I am to the methods and style Dr. Peter used to resolve my issues. Through maintenance I am more active, pain free and love to go get adjusted and talk with Dr. Peter. His office also offers massage therapy which is outstanding and is an added bonus to help reduce my nonstructural issues. I always feel so much better.
Nan M

Dr. Peter is so great! He is extremely knowledgeable on chiropractic ailments and issues that I have weekly. He actually spends time with me to diagnose and find a problem to the painful issues I have. He is personable and easy to talk to. I have found much relief in the services that Dr. Peter has thus far provided for me. I highly recommend him as your personal and family chiropractor. Thanks Peter and Beyond Chiropractic for your continued service to my military related injuries.
Christopher and Sarah E.

I have been coming to see Dr. Peter for several months. I come in sometimes every other week depending on what’s going on with my body. Basically I workout a ton all the time because I am a bikini competitor and an athlete and I put my body to test. A lot of times I have misalignments, and coming in each week for adjustments has really helped me. I came in for a shoulder issue and then that completely went away under Dr. Peter’s care. Then I started having some issues with tendonitis in my arm from doing some heavy deadlift type workout. Dr. Peter did some techniques with soft tissue, ultrasound and Graston which completely alleviated all the problems. My forearm and hand definitely feel much better.
Chiropractic care been really beneficial and instrumental in my personal life and recovery from my workouts, and just life in general.

I did not know I need adjusting. So I came here and he has been doing this chiropractic work on me. I feel a lot better. My wife says I don’t snore anymore. I did not even realize I snored. I feel more flexible. When I used to backup my car I used to get pain when I turned my head. Now I can turn my head without pain. My shoulders were having problems with the rotator cuff and that has gone away. I feel very much better.
Commander Doug

I have been a patient of Dr. Peter since April 2018. I met Dr. Peter at a local gym where “mini structural” exams were being demonstrated. After having the tense back, shoulder and neck rubbed out I scheduled a consult appointment the same day. I’m 65 years old and prior to treatment I was chronically sore, had a shoulder that ached a hip that popped when I walked, and stiff upon rising. I ignored the symptoms and discomfort and considered the aches and pain as part of the aging process. Plus, because I was not on any prescribed medications I thought I was “well”. I cannot believe the difference chiropractic treatment has made in my life. The symptoms described have dissipated and I look forward to my gym workouts which include the TRX, jump rope, weights, core training and boxing (sometimes).

Thanks so much Dr. Peter!!