Dr. Rehl is a full body chiropractor adjusting full spine and arms and legs. Through adjustments, physiotherapy, specific soft tissue work, and corrective exercises and stretches, Dr. Rehl restores the proper alignment, function, and mechanics of the body, thereby effectively reducing or eliminating pain and dysfunction. Below are just some of the many conditions Dr. Rehl cares for in the clinic.


Dr. Rehl specializes in treatment of neck pain, misalignment, and dysfunction. Through adjustments, soft tissue work, and corrective exercises and stretches, and use of Durable Medical Equipment, Dr. Rehl restores the proper alignment, function, and mechanics of the neck, thereby effectively reducing or eliminating pain and dysfunction.


Dr. Rehl provides care for conditions such as a sprain or strain, herniated discs, etc. through adjustments, soft tissue care and core or other exercises as needed. Low back pain may be from many different components of the body not functioning or aligned well, where several factors are considered as part of the care given.


Spinal adjustments are very effective for treating headaches that originate in the neck. Conditions such as tension-like headaches and migraines can be resolved or reduced through adjusting the cervical vertebrae and upper thoracic vertebrae. Diet, stress, and other factors are considered.


As the pillar structure of the body, the spine provides stability and support for the body, and protection of the spinal cord. Addressing spinal alignment, joint movement, and posture are key to health. Spinal alignment is at the root of Structural Chiropractic. In particular, it is the proper functioning of the nervous system that is so important to one’s health that chiropractic addresses. Where the joints are not in good alignment or motion, there may be irritation to the nerves that may result in pain. Adjusting the body helps remediate this pain, sometimes immediately, other times it may take several visits as the body heals and adapts to proper positioning.


Our spinal discs may be thought of as a jelly filled doughnuts. The nucleus pulposus is the jelly, acting as a shock absorber surrounded by fibrocartilaginous tissue called the annulus fibrosis. The annulus fibrosis is a very tough network of fibers that is a ligament keeping the vertebrae above and below together as well as giving form to the disc. There may be injury to the disc, such as herniation, or collapsed disc. Nerves can be irritated, with possible severe consequences, such as shooting pain down the leg, numbness, tingling, difficulty lifting one's leg, difficulty walking, troubles getting to sleep due to pain, etc. Chiropractic seeks to help the body restore motion and assist the body in self-healing.


Muscle weakness can occur for a variety of reasons. In the realm of chiropractic, two of the top questions asked are what affects the nerves and how are biomechanics functioning? Muscle weakness may be observed, it may be detected with muscle testing for strength, it may be part of the patient’s history, etc. Dr. Rehl uses orthopedic, neurologic, and specific soft tissue tests, such as through Applied Kinesiology, together with the patient history and any special imaging deemed necessary to properly diagnose and address the issues your are having.


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